Interfaith prayer and meditation room

The interfaith prayer and meditation room at the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campuses serves as a semi-private space for student spiritual reflection. Open Monday to Friday from 8am–8pm on Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 8am–6pm, this dedicated space accommodates diverse religious and contemplative practices.

The College is committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. The dedicated space and extended hours acknowledge the diverse schedules and needs of the student community. In a bustling academic environment, this interfaith space provides a spot for individual faith or meditative practice, encouraging a harmonious coexistence of different beliefs and an opportunity for personal introspection.

for the door code to use the interfaith prayer and meditation room.

Room guidelines

  • Use the interfaith prayer and meditation room for prayer, meditation and religious observances, not as a lounge, study room, meeting room or for purposes outside of prayer/meditation.
  • Please respect the requirement for a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
  • Do not distribute flyers or posters.
  • Remove and place shoes in the provided shoe rack while in the space.
  • Please note the use of fire, including lit candles and incense, is not permitted. Indigenous students who wish to engage in smudging can contact Indigenous Student Services to discuss.
  • Do not bring food or beverages into the room. Exceptions due to religious ceremony may be permitted. Please contact us at for any requests.
  • Please keep the room clean. All personal and group materials are to be removed from the space after use. Mats, carpets and pillows need to be returned to their allotted location.
  • Please remove symbols of faith after each individual or group usage. The overall tone of the room shall be religiously neutral.

Respect for others

All users are expected to exercise respect and tolerance for the integrity of each other's beliefs, cultures and traditions. This means users should do the following:

  • Respect other people's freedom within the law to express their beliefs and convictions in worship and prayer.
  • Respect the convictions of others about food, dress and social etiquette and do not behave in ways that may cause offense.
  • Do not misrepresent or disparage other people's beliefs and practices.
  • Do not actively seek to persuade others to join their faith.
  • Do not seek to direct others on how to exercise their faith.